12.24.10Your renditions of the holiday standards in a jazzy, upbeat tempo was perfect!

Hi, Leo. This is just a short note to say "thank you very much" for your performance at last evening's staff party. Our staff is a very diverse group and your music appealed to all. Your renditions of the holiday standards in a jazzy, upbeat tempo was perfect! A couple of staff commented that your choice and delivery of "material could not have been better." Several of staff persons wanted assurance that we'd have you back at other events. We will definitely invite you to perform at other events throughout the year!


12.07.10Thank You!

I would like to express my deepest and most sincere gratituted to all my students, teachers, colleages, employers, Co-workers, parents bandmates & friends for their inconditional support throughout my career. There are too many names to mention but i would like to thank very Specially Madeleine Steckzinsky executive Director of ZUMIX for whom i have worked for the past 12 years. Steve Bourassa and Andrew Saltzman of In The House, Father Kaoma, Father Noble, Barbara Nova and everybody at Christ Church. To Radhy Montero of the Do Re Mi School of Music. Ed Meradith and Mario Aranda co-directors of the Diver City Band. Martin Dalmasi, Santiago Hernandez, Dan Fox Director of the Morningside Studios, Eduardo Sama, Elias Soriano. My Family Sheila and the kids love you all!

12.02.10I find myself always learning new things By Jig

I have been taking guitar lessons with Leo since April of 2009 until present. He has provided structure to my learning experience with the guitar. Leo pushed me to me improve myself constantly without pushing me too far, encouraged me to learn the music that I want to learn. Leo is constantly exposing me to new music and and by doing this I find myself always learning new things. I would definitely recommend Leo as a teacher. He is excellent with the guitar and other instruments, he has a solid lesson plan, he is patient and understanding and provides the right amount of encouragement where you see results all the time.Music is very important to me. It provides a release from everyday events and provides a new dimension to my lifestyle.

12.01.10We would always laugh at least 3 times in one lesson By Maria T.

I learned to play the guitar thanks to Leo. I took lessons with him for 5 years. He helped me compose my first song and always challenged me with new chords and rhythms. He opened up my music tastes by introducing me to new genres of music and artists I would not have heard of otherwise. Leo is great. He is always happy and energetic about teaching and is super passionate about music. He is open-minded and welcoming to new genres, songs and artists. We would always laugh at least 3 times in one lesson, which made it really fun. Music is very important in my life. I sing everyday. Music is how I express myself and let all of my troubles and worries out of me. Leo helped me improve my guitar playing skills and taught me how to play some of my favorite songs! Thank you for everything Leo!!!


11.09.10He kept me focused By Tom H.

I took guitar lessons with Leo for over 2 years. He Kept me focused, gave me great guidance. He taught me the fundamentals to basically be able to play any song as long as I have the chords. I would you recommend Leo as a teacher because he has the passion for music and teaching that makes him very effective. I enjoy listening, dancing, and now playing music.

Tom H.

05.07.01Leo helped me to conquer my stage fright By Jonathan O.

Before i took lessons with Leo i was unable to perform even for my closest friends without, breaking down or pausing due to my nervousness. Through his lessons and guidance i adquired the confidence to do very solid performances even in front of larger crowds. He was very patient and encouraging. I also learned to be disciplined when it comes to practicing a song until i master before moving on.